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New Zealand
Nail Competition 2024

Hair & Beauty expo  .  June 15th - 16th

We're super excited to bring you the 2024 New Zealand Nail Competition.


We're thrilled to join you on your Nail Competition journey!

Get ready for a dazzling experience at the New Zealand Nail Competition, as we strive to create a supportive community to honor our fantastic industry. Like you, we started as nail art enthusiasts keen on improving our skills and forming lasting connections. That's why we're delighted to unveil the New Zealand Nail Competition 2024, where creativity takes center stage!

"The first time I decided to enter the NZ Nail Comps - a few years ago! I was pretty scared and apprehensive.

Putting your work put there to be judged is a huge deal. I found it to be extremely inspiring and the comps really pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to improve in all areas of my nail work. It was easy to enroll and communication with the organisers of the NZ Nail Comps was very good. I would encourage any Nail Tech considering entering, new or experienced to give it a go. You never know your talent until you put it to the test " JILL ROBERTS - NZ

We prioritize maintaining a safe and inspiring space for all Nail Technicians. Our commitment lies in fostering an environment that not only highlights your incredible talent but also supports your growth and success in the industry. Whether you are reigniting your passion or seeking new opportunities, there is ample room for development. We eagerly anticipate watching you push beyond your comfort zones and explore new possibilities.


Amanda & Jerilee



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Image by Sebastian Hans

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The New Zealand Nail Competition was established in 2015 by Darrell Harris. Made possible with the help of Katey Laurenson. A pair whose dedication to our industry have been a source of inspiration for many.  The New Zealand Nail Competition was held bi-annually in conjunction with the NZ Hair and Beauty Expo and has continued to grow and adapt over the years, in 2021 Darrell Harris passed the competition torch over to long time competitor's and Judges


Amanda Viviers Nail Tech of the year Runner up 2017, 2019 and winner 2021. NZ Nail Competition Grand Champion 2015. Internationally trained and award winning. INJA trained Nail Judge. Certified Nail Educator. NZ distributor of Emendee workstations 

 Jerilee Fair Nail Tech of the year runner up 2021. Internationally trained and award winning. NTNA top 12 -2019. INJA trained Nail Judge and Certified Nail Educator. Founder & Editor of Finger Tips - Digital Nail Magazine.  

Together they have built a truly wonderful space to promote and highlight our industry and really celebrate the beautiful creatives that we are. With a combined 17 years of experience in the Competition scene, Amanda and Jerilee are thrilled to team up and solidify New Zealand in the Nail World. With new categories, revised rules and yearly competitions to look forward to, the New Zealand Nail Competition is a great platform to showcase your talent and share your passion for all things nails. Amanda and Jerilee strive to create a supportive, product neutral space where we as a community can come together to encourage and inspire growth...

so, what are you waiting for??

Please keep me updated on NZ Nail Competition.

It was a great honor to compete in front of New Zealand's best nail technicians. I found it to be a perfectly organised competition and I felt very well. Good to see all the talented work and passion. I will be there next time too and I hope that this competition will influence the industry."

-Timea Tabori

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