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  • Where and when is the NZ Nail Competition?
    The NZNC is hosted by the NZ Hair & Beauty expo. The 2023 New Zealand Nail competition is running over two days with a mix of live and submitted categories to enjoy. Dates for our Competition are: 17th & 18th of June 2023 and held at the Viaduct Events Center in Auckland city, New Zealand. The NZ Hair & Beauty expo has a partnership with a few hotels which can be found on their website here Airbnb as well as are also good options if you're seeking accommodation.
  • Who can enter the NZNC?
    We have created an inclusive space to help uplift, support and promote our wonderful industry. People of any level and ability are welcome to enter but must be either a: Student currently in training to become a Nail Tech or Beauty Therapist. Certified or Qualified Nail Technician or Beauty Therapist. Registration is open globally. Submitted art may be entered via post. The postal address for will be supplied upon registration.
  • What division am I?
    NZNC have broken division into two categories. LIVE/FLOOR NOVICE: Never competed in a floor comp OPEN: Anyone who has competed on floor in a recognised competition MASTERS: Anyone who has placed first in open or higher in a recognised competition. SUBMITTED ART NOVICE: First time entering with under 3 years certification or in Training. OPEN: First time entering with 3 years plus certification. Anyone who has ever submitted art into a recognised competition and not placed first. MASTERS: Anyone who has submitted art into a recognised competition and placed first in an open or higher division
  • What even is NZNC? How does it work?
    The New Zealand Competition is an Event that is typically Run every two years from the Hair & Beauty expo in Auckland New Zealand. A place where Nail professionals come together to share their passion, grow their skills and push their creativity to its limits. All registrations come with a pass to the Hair & Beauty expo There are two ways to compete in the NZNC: One is to attend the expo where you get to create your work, mostly on a model of your choosing but occasionally on tips, while competing live against a clock. Your creations are then marked against a list of criteria (Judging criteria can be found in the Indvidual category rules) by a panel of Judges. Once time is called, Models line up and place their hands under a curtain, which is over at the judging station and judging takes place blind behind the curtain, only associating the nails to the number presented on the model's wrist, which is given to the competitor at the time of comp day registration. once models have been judged they are free to leave or be a model for a second category. The second way to compete in the NZNC is Submitted Art. Submitted art categories are completed in the comfort of your home or salon environment and are submitted on the first day on the competition or sent via post to be taken to the expo for Judging by the event organizer Jerilee. There is a list of 6 submitted categories for NZNC 2023, something for everyone to feel excited about. These are done on nail tips (or for poster a model) and are adhered to card (or a foam card, we recommend this cut to size) which is also judged blind aka by number and not name by a panel of Judges at the time of the live events. excluding Poster which is submitted via email and marked by international Judges. Submitted art is great for those who want to enter but are unable to attend the event live. and for those wanting to get a feel for competing before jumping straight into live categories. Both styles of competition have 3 divisions Novice, open and Masters.
  • Do I get a pass into the expo? what about my model?
    All Registrations come with an optional pass to attend the Hair & Beauty expo. These are purchased on your behalf and issued by the New Zealand Nail competition team during comp day registration. please see the schedule for registration times. Model passes come with all categories that require them, but they do not include the option for models to explore or purchase from the expo. If your Model is a beauty professional and would like to attend the expo outside of the competition arena, discounted tickets can be purchased though us. Simply add to your cart during the registration process.
  • what is the Scheule for the two-day competition?
    Our 2023 Competition is Run over two days. you can find information on how the event will run here
  • Do I have to attend the competition to enter?
    No, we have 6 submitted categories to choose from. all submitted art can be posted to Jerilee and will be taken to the expo for marking. If you would like your work returned to you please include a prepaid, self-addressed bag with your entry. all work needing to be returned will be done so at the completion of the event, once everything has been finialised and wrapped up. please allow some time for this to happen, we appreciate your understanding. Poster Art is submitted via email by the 28th of May 2023 we will have them printed and on display for people choice.
  • When do I need to register by? is it too late?
    Registration closes on the 30th of April 2023. This allows time for medals to be ordered, passes to be issued and final numbers for hired items such as tables and chairs etc to be organized. If you are wanting to enter and registration is closed or about to close and you need more time for the registration fee, please email us at And we can see what we can do, we would like to be able to help wherever we can and want everyone to have the opportunity to enter.
  • What are the categories for 2023
    You can find a list of categories and rules/guidelines here
  • How do I enter?
    Registration is pretty straight forward process. Tickets can be found here. Find your division for the category/categories to want to enter, click the plus symbol - you can enter submitted art categories twice. once you're happy with your entries, scroll down to the checkout button. You will be taken to registration, fill out the information needed, once completed click continue, agree to our terms and conditions and then proceed to payment. After you complete the registration process a conformation email with your tickets and a QR code will be emailed to you. you can bring this with you on the day - printed or digital for easier check in.
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